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Jeonbuk Regional Cancer
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Jeonbuk Regional Cancer introduce

The Jeonbuk Regional Cancer Center is designated by the government, and as comprehensive cancer center and was built by the government, local government, and Jeonbuk National University Hospital. The Jeonbuk Regional Cancer Center mandate is to conquer cancer which has the highest mortality rate among all diseases, promote the health of local residents, and prevent financial loss due to the cancer treatment.
To achieve this goal, we have introduced high-tech equipment and expanded our medical teams and researchers to lead the cancer treatment and research. Cancer control programs such as prevention and public relations, education, cancer registration, hospice approvals to control the patients, Jeonbuk Regional Cancer Center, have been implemented.
In these programs, the Jeonbuk Regional Cancer Center is closely connected to local residents, local society, and other relevant parties. The center also works for cancer awareness, efficient prevention and management, cancer control, reduction of mortality, and improved life quality.

Q & A

What facilities are in the cancer center?

  • There are various facilities for research and study. For example, there is a Cyclotron Institute for the production of radioactive isotopes for diagnosis, the PET center for diagnosis and treatment, radiation oncology, the medical office for outpatients, health promotion center, operating rooms and surgery facilities, the cancer ward and the hospice and palliative care center, and the cancer control department. The clinical trial center is also in the cancer center.

What is the priority of the cancer center?

  • The ultimate purpose of the cancer center is to improve the life quality of local residents.
    The typical focus at the Jeonbuk Regional Cancer Center is treatment of serious illness, such as a cancer, in local residents. Early diagnosis of cancer and high-quality medical services are provided to help local residents to have healthy and prolonged lives.

What is the most important in preparing the cancer treatment system?

  • A "fast track" team composed of representatives from internal medicine, surgery, diagnostic imaging, pathology, and laboratory medicine, examines, diagnoses, treats and operates upon each patient as quickly as possible.
    We have the system in place for the completion of the entire process, from the first visit to surgery, in 1~2 weeks. Although there are practical limits, we try to provide the most efficient treatment system from each department.

It is very important whether advanced equipment is available? What equipment has been recently introduced at the cancer center?

  • We have Da Vinci S, IGRT, radiograph special apparatus, digital mammography, gamma knife, and endoscopic surgery system.
    Da Vinci S surgical equipment is recently in the limelight due to the performance of a minimally invasive surgery. Da Vinci S, introduced at the Jeonbuk National University Hospital, uses a special camera that shows surgical sites enlarged up to 15 times in 3D, so minute, elaborative operations are possible. The robot arm, which can rotate freely up to 540 degrees, is operated by remote control. It guarantees safe surgery without hand tremors. In addition, scarring is rare due to non-laparotomy surgery, with fast recovery after surgery and minimized possibility of complications cited as advantages.
    Da Vinci S is broadly applied in minute surgeries such as cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, and ovarian cancer. Surgery for gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, and colorectal cancer are also performed. It is also used in a cardiac surgery and a kidney surgery. The Jeonbuk Regional Cancer Center?? Da Vinci S is supported by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (1.5 billion won) and by the Jeonbuk local government (0.3 billion won).
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