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How to apply

  • by phone or internet
  • through the school if student volunteering

Application for volunteer services

  • Method: Visit the Public Health and Medical Treatment Project Office (Middle and high school students should apply via internet)
  • Reception: Social welfare worker in Public Health and Medical Treatment Support Team
  • Inquiries: 063)250-2600, 1524

Available volunteering

General volunteering

Adults over 20 with personal knowledge, and ready to provide own time and ability to patients, and available more than once a week over 6 months

Professional volunteering

Qualified for general volunteering, and completion of a specialized course of art therapy, music therapy, therapeutic recreation, etc.

Voluntary services by students

  • Voluntary services by middle and high school students : Students currently attending middle and high school, and application is accepted for participation only during school holidays (summer and winter holidays).
  • Voluntary services by university students : University students equipped with qualification as general volunteers and application can be made throughout the year.

Hospice volunteering

Hospice volunteering is to care the dying patients and their family with physical, psychological, mental, and spiritual support.
Eligibility : a person who completes a course of hospice and has mature and positive attitudes about life and death

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