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Welcome and thank you for visiting the website of Jeonbuk National University Hospital.

Jeonbuk National University Hospital opened as Jahye (Benevolence) Medical Clinic in 1909 and became the regional hub hospital that served to improve the health of residents and drove the advancement of medical science in Jeollabuk Province throughout its more than 100 years history.

We provide the best possible medical services through specialized treatment centers for each category of disease, including the Jeonbuk Regional Cancer Center, Elderly Health Center, Pediatric Hospital, Specialized Center for Respiratory Diseases, Organ Transplant Center, and the Oral Treatment Center for Disabled Persons, which are centered around the main hospital building.

Accordingly, we continuously strive to improve the health of, and medical services available for, residents of the Province by improving the medical treatment system and establishing more pleasant facilities and environment based on fundamental values of being a 'patient-oriented hospital' and a 'hospital with respect for humans'.

All the constituent members of Jeonbuk National University Hospital work ceaselessly to maintain and improve the hospital's status and competitiveness in order to be one of the key centers of medical science in the Republic of Korea.

Director of Jeonbuk National University Hospital
Cho, Nam-Chun

[54907] 20, Geonjiro Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do 561-712, Korea l TEL : 82-1577-7877

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