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Education Summary
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Introduction of education in the Jeonbuk National University Hospital

THuman resource development is the basis of the growth of medical technology and systematic education is the most important for the growth. We encourage the human resource development through overseas medical training and voluntary service, and academic and personal exchanges due to an agreement with overseas leading medical colleges such as Beijing university hospital in China.

We offer various scholarships, high-tech large classrooms, PBL rooms for 20 groups, and the biggest CMS center. We support lots of opportunities for education, and equipment for students to show 100% humanity and intelligence as a doctor. 3400 graduates are active with honor in medical education, researches, treatments, public health, and medical services. The professors are performing the huge research projects including 3 NRLs, and we are authorized as a BK21 research center with great achievements.

To encourage enterprising doctors to meet various social demands and warm hearted doctors with pain of patients, we always do the best.

[54907] 20, Geonjiro Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do 561-712, Korea l TEL : 82-1577-7877

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