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Social Welfare Committee
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Jeonbuk National University Hospital
Love of 1,000won to patients - Social Welfare Committee

Social Welfare Committee supports medical expenses for patients who cannot afford the payment, and encourages them to have the hope of life due to connection with the hospital.
Sponsored subjects and amount of money are decided by judgment of committee members in Social Welfare Committee. Thank you for your support.

Social Welfare Committee
Support consultation consultation with a medical social worker about donor designation
Support method deposit transfer, direct debit, direct delivery
Selection of the patient to select an appropriate patient by contribution purposes
Notice of a subject a letter of thanks from the subject, and photography
Usage shipping to notice the usage of a donation every month

Support results

Our social welfare organization was established in 2000 and from 2001 to 2007, the organization provided 208,882,637 won of support to a total of 321 people.

Social Welfare Committee
category the number of persons amount of support
2008 58 58,496,090won
2009 75 47,827,670won
2010 19 12,078,800won
2011 29 15,619,030won
2012 15 9,374,460won
2013 20 12,292,987won
2014 12 8,446,040won
2015 7 4,684,470won
2016 35 20,277,610won
2017 45 28,816,120won
2018 41 19,094,660won
2019 29 18,518,030won
2020 32 17,567,780won
Total 437 282,476,687won

For support

For support
Regular donation More than 1,000 Won per month
Single donation more than 1,000won
Special donation more than 1 million Won
Bank account No. for donation remittance Jeonbuk bank 538-13-0311120 (Social Welfare Committee)
[54907] 20, Geonjiro Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do 561-712, Korea l TEL : 82-1577-7877

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