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Medical Care
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Consultation Hours

Outpatient Services

Check-in Hours Office Hours
07:50 ~ 17:30 08:30 ~ 17:30
09:00 ~ 18:00 (Dental Clinic)

* Office hours or check-in time may change or close early depending on the circumstances of departments and doctors.

Outpatient Services

Emergency Room Open 24 hours 365 days
Delivery Room
Dental Clinic Every Thursday about 2 hours night extended care(18:00 ~ 20:00)

Guidance on medical treatment procedure

Check-in Method

Check-in Method
If appointment
is not made
If undergoing treatment
for the first time (new disease)
  • You must bring the request for medical treatment (medical report) issued by the primary and secondary hospital.
  • If you do not have the medical report, the health insurance benefit won't be provided.
  • Cases for which request for medical care expenses (request for medical treatment) and health diagnosis and check-up results are not necessary
    • Emergency patient or patient undergoing delivery
    • Rehabilitation department (however, only for disabled persons registered in accordance with the Disabled Persons Welfare Act or those for whom the need for rehabilitation therapy such as occupational and exercise therapies are necessary).
    • If hemophilia patient receiving medical care expenses
    • If the subscriber working at the corresponding medical care institution is receiving medical care expenses
    • Dental treatment
  • Apply for treatment by presenting the medical record, application for medical treatment and ID to the outpatient counter
  • Receive the receipt for the cost of medical treatment
If treated previously (re-examination and treatment)
  • Apply for treatment by presenting ID and medical treatment receipt to the outpatient counter
In the event of provisional reservation,
or making reservation through phone or internet
  • After having received medical treatment by visiting the corresponding medical department first, pay the full amount of the medical treatment and examination charges at the payment counter of the Administration Department.

Guidance on making reservation

Guidance on making reservation
Phone appointments 1577-7877
internet appointments www.jbuh.co.kr
Reservation after outpatient medical treatment Doctor (nurse) will input the time of the next medical treatment into the computer system
Reservation at the time of discharge from hospital Pay the discharge fees first before receiving reservation card to be presented on the date of the reserved medical treatment
  • Dental treatment: Cannot make reservation through internet. Please make reservation by phone.
Dental appointments
  • oral medicine : 063)250-2054
  • oral and maxillofacial surgery : 063)250-2068
  • calibration : 063)250-2123
  • preservation : 063)250-2119
  • orthodontics : 063)250-2117
  • pediatric dentistry : 063)250-2121
  • periodontics : 063)250-2115
  • oral and maxillofacial radiology : 063)250-2108


  • Present registered receipt to unit nurse and wait until called.
  • Receive treatment from doctor (examine, test, administration, appointment, etc.)


  • Pay the costs of medical treatment through unmanned payment system, a device for issuance of prescription for purchase outside the hospital and outpatient counter after the completion of medical treatment by the doctor.
    • Use of the unmanned payment system, a device for issuance of prescription for purchase outside the hospital: It can process credit card, collection of medical treatment cost and issuance of prescription for purchase outside the hospital simultaneously
    • Outpatient counter: After having made payment with credit card / cash, you will receive the prescription for purchase outside the hospital

Examination (Reservation for examination: 063)250-2330, 2331)

  • Those who are issued with examination prescription, make reservation or undergo examination after having checked the items of the examination reservation.
Location of examination Name of examination Phone Number
Radiology Department MRI 2155
CCT(Room A) 2281,2283
CT(Room B)
Ultrasonography Room (breast) 1163
Ultrasonography Room (others)
Contrast medium imaging of large intestine (No. 13) 2144
Contrast medium imaging of small intestine (No. 12)
Nuclear Medicine Department Bone Scan 1169
Cardiac perfusion
Renal scan (DMSA)
PET/CT 2325
Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Center Gastroscopy 1291
Cardiac Examination Department
(2nd Fl. of Emergency Center)
Echocardiography 1339
Exercise ECG 1338
24-hour ECG 1302
24-hour blood pressure test 1302
Bronchial induced test 24-hour blood pressure test 1288

* Reservation reception can be closed earlier, or the time of medical treatment can be changed depending on the situations of medical treatment department and the doctor in charge.

Returning home

  • Take care of your health by paying attention to the doctor prescription.
  • Those who made reservation for medical treatment (examination and tests, etc.) must visit the corresponding medical department or examination room on the reserved date and time.
  • Patient who made reservation for endoscopy must pay the examination fees at the outpatient counter in order to undergo the corresponding examination.

Hospitalization procedure

Hospitalization procedure

  • Once the hospitalization is decided after the medical treatment, you will receive a decision letter for hospitalization by the doctor in charge.
  • After having completed the decision letter for hospitalization, please submit it to the hospitalization counter.
    For night / holiday or emergency center patients, please present it to the emergency payment counter at the Emergency Center.
  • Various signatures
    Application to use superior hospital room: can be signed only by the corresponding person
  • After the completion of the procedures for hospitalization, please submit the information sheet on the hospital room and patient's ID bracelet to the nurse.
  • In the case of reserved hospitalization, you will undergo hospitalization procedure after having completed the decision letter for hospitalization and allocation of the hospital room in accordance with the corresponding and instructions of the doctor in charge.

* Preparations to be made at the time of hospitalization: Items such as toiletries, slipper, water cup, spoon and chopstick, etc. necessary during the hospitalization period

Hospitalized medical treatment fees

If the medical treatment fees are in excess of the prescribed amount of the hospital, interim payment for the medical treatment fees must be made to the hospitalization/discharge counter in accordance with the invoice for the medical treatment fees issued by the Administration Department.

Discharge procedure

Discharge procedure

  • Compare the details of the medical treatment fees of the patient filed for discharge from the hospital with the contents in the medical treatment record (correct omission and errors, etc.)
  • Patient for whom the examination is completed will be informed of the completion of examination and guidance on the payment of medical treatment fees through text message.
[54907] 20, Geonjiro Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do 561-712, Korea l TEL : 82-1577-7877

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